Flutter is a open source UI software development kit created by google and released in May 2017.The first version of flutter was known as “Sky” and run on the android operating system. It is used to develop cross platform application for Android, IOS, Mac, Windows and the web from a single codebase. Flutter written in C, C++, dart. Flutter google portable UI toolkit for natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop. It allows to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. This means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different application.

Flutter works with existing code and this code are used by developers and organizations around the world and it is free and open source. Flutter is a framework specially designed for the frontend. Flutter is boon that uproot all problems and give the best mobile application development services in the app world. Flutter web is not a SEO friendly and if you plan to base your product marketing on search engine or other web frameworks might provide better results.

To develop with flutter you will use a programming language is called Dart. Thus, language was created by google in October 2011 but it has improved over these past years. I have selected some of the reasons why I appreciate flutter and why I want to use it.

  • Simple to learn and use flutter is modern framework and it’s way simple to create mobile application most attractive and good thing in flutter is that you can create a real native application without a bunch of code.
  • Quick compilation it only takes a short amount of time after you save to update the application itself.
  • It’s cheap a develop mobile application with flutter because you don’t need to create and maintain two mobile application.
  • You can learn lot of thing from flutter’s documentation and everything is very detailed with easy examples for basic use cases.

If you want to start doing some freelance work you should using flutter. In 2021, I believe this technology is going to fulminant and that means a lot of people are going to search for developers.

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